Aluminum Sunshades

Turn-key commercial aluminum louvered sunshades, also known as brise soleil, provide sustainable heating and cooling for your commercial building and require minimal installation with our signature modular design.

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Commercial Sunshades

Our signature commercial sunshades have quick turnarounds and are capable of simple on-site installation within hours.

*For Commercial and Multi-Family use only

  • new construction apartments with aluminum sunshades attached to the storefront
  • multi-family apartments with aluminum louvered sunshades
  • MOD Pizza storefront powder coated aluminum sunshade

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Modular options for pre-designed sunshade

Pre-designed Sunshades

Fastest turnaround times with industry standard sizing. Choose your size, facia, and deck options.

Custom Aluminum Sunshades

Have custom specs or needs? We have a team of engineers ready to assist you with your custom needs.

Custom sunshade options

Commercial Sunshade Design

Aluminum commercial sunshades come in different designs and are called by other industry names. Here’s a great example of techniques used in retail, multi-family, and commercial projects.

Retail storefront
wood storefront retail with black powder coated sunshades
commercial concrete tilt up building with aluminum louvered sunshades attached
multi family apartments with sunshades

Different Industry Names. Same Superior Product.

Sunshade Awnings

Also known as aluminum sunshades, sunshade awnings are the exact same product as our aluminum sunshades. To learn the difference between Commercial Awnings and Aluminum Sunshades, you’ve come to the right place

Sunshade Canopies

Also known as aluminum sunshades, sunshade canopies are the same product as our aluminum sunshades. We make a clear distinction between Aluminum Sunshades and Aluminum Canopies because sunshades have louvers for decks that allow sunlight through, and canopies are solid, blocking all sunlight and weather.

Brise Soleil

Also known as aluminum sunshades, Brise Soleil is the same product as our aluminum sunshades, just a different industry term. They both have aluminum louvers for decks and can mount with tie-rods or cantilevered. To see more examples of Brise Soleil Aluminum Sunshades, click below.


We pre-engineered our aluminum Sunshades to provide maximum efficiency from the design concept to the quick turnaround times and fast, simple installation.

A graph with Benefits of Vestis Sunshades
Multiple aluminum sunshade renderings

Architectural Metal Louvers

Our Metal Louvers are designed for commercial use in the architectural and construction industries. They provide sustainable heating and cooling for commercial spaces.

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For Commercial and Multi-Family Use Only

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why Sunshades

What is a Commercial Sunshade?

Louvered Sunshades

The louvered deck is the primary function of Sunshades. The louvers are aluminum blades that are set at an angle in accordance with your region’s solar altitude. This allows for the Aluminum Louvered Sunshade to provide sustainable heating during the cold months and to cool during the warm months.

Solar Altitude

The Solar Altitude Angle is the angle between the sun’s rays and a horizontal plane. Why this matters is the calculation is done per your region’s solar altitude angle to determine the angle and projection of the aluminum sunshade. This is very important because it provides shading during the warm months by blocking the sunlight from entering the window below. Then, during the cold months, the sunshade allows sunlight to pass through the window to warm the space. This creates a natural and sustainable way to help heat and cool your commercial space.


We choose to use Aluminum over other metals like Steel because of its lightweight and natural rust resistance. This allows for a much more superior product that last’s much longer in function and appearance.

Commercial Building

Designed for all commercial buildings, including new construction and concrete tilt-up.


Perfect for commercial multi-family housing, including all concepts of apartments.

Retail & Restaurant

Ideal for any retail storefront and restaurants.

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