The Guide To Powder Coated Canopies, Sunshades, and Awnings

Understand why you should be choosing powder coat as your finish

Why We Use Powder Coating On Our Architectural Canopies, Sunshades, and Awnings.

Powder coating is a very popular finish for most commercial canopies, Sunshades, and Awnings. We choose to finish our architectural products with a powder coat finish because we believe it provides the best overall performance and benefits with high-quality looks, functionality, durability, and low barrier to entry. It allows our architectural products to be the most functional and durable products by reducing flaking, rusting and fading.

powder coated aluminum canopy attached to a commercial brick building

Aluminum Canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an excellent alternative to liquid-based paint. It is a process that we specialize in applying to our canopies. It is used directly onto the aluminum as a dry powder, then activated by an electrostatic process that cures it to the metal, providing a high-quality look and function. This added protection barrier is essential to a long-lasting canopy, and powder coating provides this and more. At Vestis Systems, we specialize in the powder coating process because of the wide range of uses, customization, durability, and low entry barriers. Let’s detail the benefits of powder-coated canopies, sunshades, and awnings.

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powder coated louvered sun shade attached to commercial retail building

Louvered Sunshade | Image: Vestis Systems

Superior Appearance With Wide Color Range

Thanks to powder coating finishes, our architectural products have a superior appearance with a wide color range. There are also customization finishing touches such as gloss and textures. Powder coating allows you to color match your brand or desired appearance. We currently offer Black, Bronze, and Light Grey as our standard color profiles. Powder coat is also more resistant to fading in direct sunlight, providing a more extended, more resistant canopy, sunshade, or awning for your commercial building.

powder coated c-channel canopy attached to commercial building

Light Grey C-channel Canopy. | Image: Vestis Systems


Powder coating is one of the most durable coatings out there. This is because of the chemical bond attached to the metal at application. This means you get maximum protection and durability. You don’t have to worry about a white-glove installation to flake, chipping, scratching, rusting, and fading. The powder coat is exceptionally durable and checks the box for a highly durable finish.

Shipping and Staging

Unlike anodized canopies or Kynar canopies, powder-coated canopies can be stacked on top of each other without fear of chips or cracks in the finish, leading to costly repairs before they are even installed. This means no surprises when your canopies, sunshades, or awnings show up on-site with scratches or flakes in them. You can utilize your valuable site staging space by stacking our architectural products on top of each other with no worries about scratching or damaging. For more info check out our article on “5 reasons why modular canopy systems are the future”

powder coated canopy being installed on concrete wall

Simple Installation Without Chipping and Scratching. | Image: Vestis Systems


Our Products are uniquely designed to take full advantage of aluminum powder-coated canopies, sunshades, and awnings when it comes to installation. Our installation process is straightforward and can be completed by a two-person team within 4-5 hours. Part of why the installation process is so quick and simple is that aluminum powder coated products are lightweight and do not require a “white glove install,” meaning you can quickly install any of our products without worrying about every little thing scratching your new commercial canopies and awnings.

powder coated commercial canopy being installed on cement building

Canopy Install. | Image: Vestis Systems

Lower Barrier To Entry

Better yet, the powder coating finish is a lot cheaper than the other finishing options like Kynar and Anodized. We understand that most commercial projects have a strict budget, and a powder coating finish allows for a lower price point. Powder coating also does not require as much maintenance in the long run, whereas the touch-up costs for other finishes add up quickly. Lower barrier to entry and lower maintenance make powder coating our favorite finish for canopies, sunshades, and awnings.

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