New Commercial Building Construction Can Benefit From Aluminum Canopies, Louvered Sunshades, and Awnings.

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aluminum canopy system attached to a commercial storefront

Aluminum Canopies and Louvered Sunshades | Image: Vestis Systems

New commercial building construction can benefit from aluminum canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings more than you know. With new commercial building construction getting back up and running with a projected value of $26 Billion in private offices and an additional $25 billion in warehouses for 2022 according to Statista, 2022 will bring its own unique challenges to the new commercial construction industry like a work shortage that makes it hard to find subcontractors and trying to hit project deadlines while keeping your crews safe and healthy. Vestis Systems is helping the architect and construction industry meet these challenges by taking a modular pre-engineered approach that allows for faster installation with smaller crews. This lessens the burden of finding more subcontractors during a labor shortage and keeps your crews healthier. Let’s jump into the details on how Vestis Systems modular pre-engineered designs for canopies, Louvered sunshades, and awnings can help you with your new commercial building construction.

Simple Staging

We all know staging is one of the most important factors when it comes to new construction. This is why our modular engineering process is so important and beneficial to new construction projects. We design our Aluminum Canopies and Sunshades to be stackable in order to reduce site clutter and save staging space. This is possible because we do all of the necessary engineering upfront with a powder coat finish, streamlining the installation with no field assembly.

New construction aluminum canopy being installed

Stackable Powder Coated Aluminum Canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

Modular Design

What is a modular design? And why should I care? Those are great questions! First, a modular design, by our definition, is a canopy, sunshade, or awning that doesn’t need to be assembled in the field. They are shipped ready for installation with no-field assembly required. Some of our competitors ship a kit of parts to you and expect you and your team to assemble and install the canopies, sunshades, and awnings. This is a very frustrating and time-consuming process. Not only do we do all of the engineering upfront, so you don’t have to assemble our products in the field, but we also design our canopies, sunshades, and awnings to be simply installed, meaning we think of the crews installing our products and what would help make the installation process quicker and easier.

storefront commercial canopy

Pre-engineered modular aluminum canopy | Image: Vestis Systems


Traditionally steel canopies and sunshades require a team of welders, a space to weld,  and can be tough to stack. Aluminum can also have its own set of issues depending on the field assembly, installation, and finishing method, i.e., Kynar or Anodized. With all of this in mind, Vestis’ Pre-designed Aluminum Canopies and Sunshades are purposely designed to be stackable in the field. We finish all of our canopies and sunshades with Powder coats. This ensures the necessary durability required for site stacking.

storefront commercial canopy

No field assembly is required with our canopies. | Image: Vestis Systems

Powder-coated For Durability

Powder coat has gained mass popularity over the years for their affordability and effectiveness in protecting metals such as aluminum. We have used every kind of finishing material available for our modular architectural products, and we believe that powder coating offers the most value because of its affordability and durability. Powder-coated canopies, sunshades, and awnings allow for stacking on-site to save valuable staging space, a simple installation that does not require “white glove” installation, and long-lasting durability for a superior appearance. Check out our guide to Powder Coated Canopies, Sunshades, and Awnings.

No Welding On-site Required

Welding at times is required during a new commercial construction building, but it’s no longer needed for architectural products. Having an on-site steel welder for canopies, sunshades, and awnings is messy, expensive, and ineffective compared to aluminum modular designed canopies, sunshades, and awnings that are shipped to the project work site ready to be safely installed by a two-person crew. Vestis does all of the engineering up-front in the factory, so you don’t have to waste valuable site space on welding steel architectural products. Instead, you can schedule your installation team to be ready for the day of installation and simplify your site coordination.

canopy being installed on concrete wall

Canopy Install. | Image: Vestis Systems

Less Site Coordination and Reduced Labor

We understand how hard it can be to coordinate all the crews and subcontractors during a new construction commercial building project, especially if there are project delays and labor shortages. This is why we design our architectural products to solve the headaches of site coordination and labor shortages of subcontractors. Our modular pre-engineered approach doesn’t require any field assembly and can be simply installed by a two-person crew. This allows for fewer subs needed for the entire project, resulting in simplified site coordination. Many other architectural products companies will ship your products that require field assembly. This requires more staging space, coordination, and more labor. This is a headache for everybody involved, and nobody wants to read instructions on how to put your canopy, sunshade, or awning together and dedicate valuable time to assembling those products. We believe better-engineered products should simplify your commercial project.

New construction commercial projects have a lot of moving parts and we believe that pre-engineered aluminum canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings, can streamline your exterior architectural needs with the durability you can count on and a modular stackable design that can simply install in a few hours. Better engineered architectural products simplify your worksite coordination and reduce your labor demand. We believe modular architectural products are the future of construction.

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