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Features That Enhance Your Aluminum Canopies

architectural aluminum canopy

A modular pre-designed aluminum c-channel canopy.| Image: Vestis Systems

We aren’t your typical architectural products company. With a very long history, we know a thing about innovation. Since being founded in 1883 as F.O. Berg, we have innovated and pushed ourselves to develop new architectural products and unique features for our current aluminum canopy systems. By continually pushing ourselves, we can design and deliver the architectural products that simplify your life with quality you can trust. 

“A Modular Pre-Designed Approach”

We recently launched our innovative prefabricated aluminum canopy system, “Pre-Designed Canopies” we are incredibly excited to bring such a valuable product to market. Our Pre-designed canopy line takes the American quality you would get with our custom metal awnings, custom aluminum canopies, and custom louvered sunshades and combines that with a modular pre-designed approach.

We lean-manufacture our aluminum canopies, louvered sunshades, and metal awnings in advance, picking the most popular lengths, projections, decks, fascias, and colors. Allowing for our clients to get a custom aluminum canopy system feel but with half the turnaround time and a lower price point. Our modular pre-designed aluminum canopy systems come ready to be simply installed on-site with no field assembly and only requires a two-person crew. Our pre-designed architectural shade products line will simplify your installation, on-site coordination, and reduce your overhead costs, all while lowering your price point and turnaround times. I think we call this a Win-Win. 

lean manufactured pre-designed aluminum canopy

Architectural modular pre-designed aluminum canopy installation  | Image: Vestis Systems

Innovative Features

Our pre-designed aluminum modular canopies come with innovative feature options that simply plug and play on the worksite. They address the same add on features that we see our clients install as an afterthought, so we managed the most popular “afterthought features.” Like we said, our goal is to reduce your hours on-site by simplifying your project, and we believe our pre-designed modular canopy system with its innovative features can do just that.

“Innovative New Features Upon Request”

vestimist architectural canopyVestiMist

The ultrafine low-pressure misters come tightly integrated into the canopy. They can cool the air pressure up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and come ready to be simply installed with your modular aluminum canopy. Gone are the days of cheap exposed plastic clips and hoses under your canopy.  

vestiheat architectural canopy featuresVestiHeat

Our infrared heaters can reach maximum hear output in 60 seconds. Don’t waste valuable square footage on patio heaters when you can get our VestiHeat feature tightly integrated into our architectural canopy. With outside dining becoming more useful than ever for restaurants, our VestiHeat is a valuable opportunity for creating more patio space. 

led down lighting commercial canopyLED Down Lighting

A popular request has been integrating LED Lighting. We are happy to bring a tightly integrated LED lighting system installed in our architectural canopy and only needs to be connected on-site. Our lighting system carries a simple, functional, and professional look to your commercial building project.

rotating louver sunshadesRotating Louvers

Do you need your louvered sunshades to do more? Well, our rotating louvers transforms your louvered sunshades into a multi-functional weather protection system. You gain protection from sun, rain, and wind by simply manually rotating the louvers in your desired direction.

lean manufactured pre-designed aluminum canopy

Pre-designed aluminum canopies come ready to be simply installed. | Image: Vestis Systems

We believe in doing things right the first time, and that’s why our innovative architectural canopy features keep your canopies looking professional rather than having to add a secondary product that doesn’t look quite right. We want to offer you an architectural canopy system that offers simple installation and innovative features that simplify your commercial building projects. 

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