How To Install Architectural Canopy.

Simple Installation

Quickly Install Your Aluminum Canopy

A modular pre-designed aluminum c-channel canopy.| Image: Vestis Systems

How To Install Architectural Canopy With “Simple Installation”

One of the key factors for picking out your architectural products like architectural canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings is how do I install this commercial canopy? Well, don’t worry, Vestis System designs and manufactures our architectural products with simple installation” in mind, in fact, simple installation is one of the biggest factors that separates us from our competition. 


 “Vestis System designs and manufactures all of our architectural products with “simple installation” in mind”

When we design our products we think of onsite installation, this is why every one of our products is engineered to be simply installed in the field. No more cryptic instructions or long assembly times, we take the extra steps during the manufacturing process to save you time in the field. We do more work in our warehouse so you can do less work assembling parts in the field. Our architectural products show up ready to be installed by two people.

We utilize our lean manufacturing process to provide quick turnaround times and the necessary engineering that allows for onsite simple installation. We believe in making the best commercial canopies, architectural canopies, and louvered sunshades on the market.

lean manufactured pre-designed aluminum canopy

Architectural modular pre-designed aluminum canopy installation  | Image: Vestis Systems

What have Architects and Contractors said about our Simple Installation process? Well, when you have been in business since 1883 you learn a thing or two, we have found that the extra steps we take during the lean manufacturing process to engineer a simple installation process. The architects and contractors we work with have been able to quickly and simply install canopies and sunshades that allow them to save time in the field when it matters most.