How to Choose an Aluminum, Pre-Built Canopy

Selecting a prefabricated canopy can simplify your ordering process, saving you time and money.

Aluminum c-channel canopy

Aluminum canopies add value for any company as they serve a purpose for both form and function. While c-channel and flat faced aluminum canopies can be found almost anywhere, some businesses benefit more than others from installing a metal shade structure. Any business with an outdoor area such as a restaurant or storefront, loading dock or residential setting like an apartment building or condo can use a modern looking commercial canopy for shade and protection against harsh weather elements.

What options are available to me when selecting an aluminum canopy?
At Vestis Systems, we make ordering and customizing a canopy for your next commercial project a simple and straightforward process. Visit our aluminum canopy builder page and quickly and easily configure it to suit your needs. We even show the turnaround time and cost estimate in real time so you never have to guess what you’re getting.

Select Fascia
Fascia is the surface of our aluminum canopies and we currently offer two styles: C-channel and flat faced. Choose the look that is right for you based on your project needs or the architectural style desired.

A C-channel is a type of beam, used primarily in civil engineering and building construction. Its cross section consists of a wide “web” and two flanges at the top and bottom of the web, only sticking out on one side of the web. A flat faced canopy consists of a smooth, flat frame surface, offering a more traditional, cleaner looking shape.

Select Width
Our prefabricated aluminum canopies can be customized for any length. We offer three popular widths on our canopy builder page. Choose from 4ft, 8ft or 12ft. Having pre-selected widths in the most common widths makes selecting your next canopy even easier!

Select Canopy Depth
Depth or projection, is the distance that your aluminum canopy extends from the base of your building. The further these extend from your exterior, the more protection they offer your customers, shielding them from sun, rain, snow or other harsh weather elements. Our most popular projects are 3ft, 4ft or 5ft.

Select Roofing Color
Add a touch of vibrance to your next outdoor canopy project, by including color. Our pre-built canopy builder allows you to review all of our options at a glance and choose from a variety of common colors. Choose to add color to the top or the bottom of the canopy. Applying color to the bottom of your covering is ideal for main entrances, deck canopies or door canopies; anywhere a customer may be looking up. Our most popular colors include polar white, charcoal, dark blue, mocha, kelly green and black.

Select Frame Color
Choose to add flair to the outside of your building by adding color to your C-channel or flat faced aluminum canopy surface. While Vestis Systems offers any color that you can imagine for your next project, our intuitive canopy builder has simplified this process by including only the most popular options. Our primary options for frame color include black, white and bronze.

Drainage Type
No matter where the location of your next job site, providing adequate drainage for your canopy will depend on a variety of factors including the building type, location and style of canopy. Our aluminum canopies are built to last, using only premium constructed materials that will never rust or corrode.

Vestis offers two types of drainage features for its prefab canopies. Our drainage channels are designed to pull water to the back of the canopy and drain out to the left or drain water to the right.

Pre-Stamped Calcs
Some steel building projects may require obtaining stamped plans from a steel engineer licensed in your state. Building officials often rely on structural engineers who are willing to stamp the plans, ensuring that the structure is safe and built to last, therefore guaranteeing the performance over time. As you build out your next aluminum canopy, Vestis offers a service to help you obtain any required pre-stamped, engineered drawings for a small fee.