How To Budget For Canopy Systems

Understand how to budget for your next commercial project

aluminum canopy system attached to a commercial storefront

Aluminum Canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

At Vestis, we’ve been in the canopy systems and architectural systems game for over a century, so most of the intricacies and terms that get thrown around in our industry are second nature. However, we also know that’s not the case for many prospective clients interested in our aluminum canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings. With so many options to choose from, it can be intimidating to select something that will hopefully adorn the side of your building and greet your guests or residents for decades. We’ll do our best to shed some light on what goes into budgeting and selecting from our offerings. We’ve poured our heart and soul into designing systems that can be manufactured right here in America and will guide you through every step of the process to make sure there are no surprises. You’ll walk away confident that you’re purchasing the right system for your needs.

What Type of Building Is It?

The team of experts at Vestis will work closely with you to make sure you select the right product to fit your building’s needs. At Vestis, we have a long track record of delivering top-notch solutions for a wide variety of building types and can work with you to choose the canopy, sunshade, or awning aesthetically pleasing and functional for your structure. Awnings and louvered sunshades are ideal for placement on any windows or commercial buildings that want to provide shading. Many restaurants, retailers, schools, and multi-family residential buildings are excellent fits for louvered sunshades and awnings. Canopies are perfect for sheltering every type of weather over the store or building entrances and exits or spanning entire storefronts. Whatever your unique building needs are, Vestis Systems will be able to deliver an aluminum canopy, awning, or sunshade to upgrade the façade.

architectural canopy attached to green brick wall

Architectural Canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

What Do You Want to Accomplish, and What are Your Long-term Plans For the Architectural System?

Our canopy systems all have their functions and features that set them apart and allow them to meet the different needs of our customers. Every client comes to us with their reason for installing a canopy, sunshade, or awning, and we work to understand their needs and deliver the right product. For example, our louvered sunshades are ideal for clients looking to help control and manage their energy costs by providing sustainable shading directly over the windows. With our louvered sunshade system, you can cut down energy cooling costs in the summer and allow sunlight to reduce energy heating costs during the winter months. From an aesthetic standpoint, our awnings allow for unique customization and color selection, including adding your logo. This is a great way to build even stronger brand recognition with customers. Finally, our canopies are packed with tons of great new features like built-in infrared heaters or misters, making them great for areas where your customers will congregate or gather.

storefront commercial canopy

storefront Canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

Do you need custom-designed canopies, sunshades, and awnings? Or do you have standard specifications that our pre-designed line can help with?

Vestis products can be customized to almost any dimension, shape, or color. We can even add your business logo to an awning to stand out and showcase your brand. Our aluminum frames can be customized for any dimension that fits your building. Because we handcraft everything in-house, custom-designing your system won’t result in any loss of quality or ease of installation. You’ll have the ability to choose length and width, shape and color in any of our Custom Canopies, Custom Sunshades, and Custom Awnings.

The Vestis pre-designed line might be just what you need. All of our standard models have been meticulously designed to streamline turnaround and delivery time and make them hassle-free to install. Our team will work with you to select one of our systems that work best for your needs. If you’re working on a tight budget, a pre-designed aluminum system from Vestis is a great way to maximize the bang for your buck.

louvered sunshade

Louvered Sunshade. | Image: Vestis Systems

How much space do you need to stage on-site?

Staging on-site can be a big commitment and a colossal hassle. This is why our aluminum canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings are designed with our modular aluminum focus. The modular aluminum design allows you to maximize your staging space by reducing the space our architectural products require. How is this possible, you ask? Good question. You can stack our architectural products to reduce the square footage needed for staging. This is possible because we use a modular powder-coated aluminum frame. This creates a strong, lightweight, and durable canopy, sunshade, or awning that can be stacked in columns and doesn’t require any field assembly. This allows for a simple installation process.

Installation Time

One of the most significant selling points of a canopy system from Vestis Systems is the speedy installation time. Our products can be installed and operational in under five hours by a two-person crew. This is made possible by our modular design approach. We do all the heavy lifting at our facility, allowing for a simple installation that requires no field assembly. Don’t waste your workers’ time or your money on a drawn-out installation process of a heavier steel system that will rust and crack before you know it.

canopy being installed on concrete wall

Canopy Install. | Image: Vestis Systems


The canopies, sunshades, and awnings produced by Vestis Systems are incredibly durable. We use high-quality aluminum that stands the test of time. The aluminum frames come treated with a powder coating that does not fade over time, unlike steel. A steel frame will require constant painting and maintenance as it fades or peels in the elements. Steel also requires more staging space, longer installation times, and more equipment to install. The team at Vestis understands that our customers don’t want to sink hundreds of dollars every year into keeping their awning or canopy looking like it did on day one.

We hope you feel comfortable with budgeting for your canopy system. Remember, the most important question is, what do you need your canopy system to do? This answer will quickly guide you down the necessary road to get you the perfect match for your budget and canopy system.

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