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concrete building canopy

Concrete Building Louvered Sunshades | Image: Vestis Systems

Concrete Tilt-Up Construction

Prefabricated or easy-to-erect concrete buildings utilizing concrete tilt-up construction have become very popular over the last 70 years thanks to their significant benefits like erect time and economic appeal. Over 650 million square feet are erected in the form of buildings through the concrete tilt-up construction. Short construction schedules and the ability to get business operational as quickly as possible are the primary selling points for choosing a prefab concrete tilt-up building shell. Still, the downside is that these buildings often lack character with minimum surface design and flair. They are flat, generic-looking structures that don’t provide much personality or appeal.

This is where Vestis Systems steps-in; We design canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings that fit any concrete tilt-up building and bring a modern custom look to your usually flat building. We can enhance your flat surface design by adding exterior appeal with custom canopies, sunshades, and awnings. Our louvered sunshades also benefit from tilt-up construction environmental impact, making them even more sustainable than traditional cast-in concrete walls.

“We design canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings that fit any concrete tilt-up building”

Common Construction Benefits

Our architectural products share similar core benefits to concrete tilt-up construction. We can quickly manufacture our products to shorten lead times. We design our products to be economically appealing by simplifying the installation process on-site; this reduces crew cost and install time, resulting in financially attractive architectural products. Our louvered sunshades also benefit from tilt-up construction environmental impact, making them even more sustainable than traditional cast-in concrete walls.

concrete commercial building canopy

Commercial Concrete Canopies | Image: Vestis Systems

How We Help Concrete Tilt-Up Construction

If you are using tilt-up concrete construction on your next commercial building, you’ll want to add some inviting touches after erection. One of the best ways to enhance your tilt-up concrete construction structure is to add architectural finishes like aluminum awnings or canopies. Modern canopies, sunshades, and awnings take away the “flatness” of a simple prefabricated or tilt-up concrete structure and make it more visually appealing with a modern appearance. Without finishing touches, tilt-up buildings just look square and boxy – not very exciting or interesting, and nobody wants newly constructed buildings with no personality or modern appeal. Appearance does matter for commercial buildings, warehouses, and distribution buildings. Nobody wants a new concrete construction building to feel generic or flat, right? By adding architectural features like commercial canopies to your concrete building’s exterior, you can create a budget-friendly modern look and upgrade from your generic flat appearance. Commercial canopies, louvered sunshades, and awnings from Vestis Systems are the perfect answer to add a functional, aesthetically-pleasing finish to your concrete building.

concrete building with louvered sunshades

Aluminum Metal Awnings. | Image: Vestis Systems

What We Do

Vestis Systems has designed aluminum canopies and sunshades for well over 100 years and has mastered the design and fabrication of awnings, sunshades, and canopies for commercial buildings. Our team recognizes the value of having a system that we have designed, manufactured, shipped, and installed for over 100 years. Vestis lean manufactures our commercial systems in the United States and ships them fully ready to be installed without requiring additional equipment or field assembly. Unlike many similar systems, Vestis products install quickly and easily. 

Commercial Awnings

commercial awning from Vestis offers more than just visual appeal. Our aluminum metal awnings provide shelter from customers’ elements as they enter and exit your store or restaurant. Vestis awnings can also be installed at residential properties like apartments or condo buildings to provide shade from the sun and reduce cooling costs during the hot summer months.

Beyond the value an awning provides in terms of shelter from the great outdoors, we also offer fabric awnings that can be extremely affordable and efficient. Both Awnings can be also be fully customized to add even more flair to your building with custom colors, advertising, and logos to match your business or lighting. Vestis can customize an awning to your business’s exact specifications and deliver it ready to be installed immediately.

concrete building with louvered sunshades

Commercial Canopies. | Image: Vestis Systems

Commercial Canopies

Vestis also designs and manufactures commercial canopies that are perfect for entranceways to restaurants and retail stores. Prefabricated canopies offer the same extreme protection from the elements, but with a modular focus. They are manufactured quickly using a set of pre-engineered dimensions, finish options, and shipping assembled. They also come ready to be installed with no field assembly required. Vestis systems purposefully take the extra step during the manufacturing process to streamline the installation steps. You will only need a two-person team and half a workday to install our architectural products. These are some significant benefits of working with aluminum architectural systems versus heavier steel systems.

Louvered Sunshades

Finally, louvered sunshades are another option to finish off your prefabricated concrete building. The sunshade is similar to our canopy design. Still, it features aluminum blades that can be rotated open and closed depending on weather conditions to provide shade or allow more sun to pass through. Louvered sunshades are an ideal choice for building owners who want a product that can reduce heating and cooling costs in all four seasons and help the commercial building become more environmentally friendly. Use the sunshade to block the sun and keep the building cooler in the summer or open it up to let more natural light through in the winter.

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Who We Are

Over the last 137 years, Vestis Systems employees have worked tirelessly to develop architectural canopies and awnings that are valuable for building owners in terms of both form and function. Our company’s systems are visually stunning, showing customers that you overlook no detail of your building’s overall appearance. They also offer protection and shelter in all weather conditions. At Vestis, we are proud of our commitment to American excellence in manufacturing. Our products stand the test of time – they don’t rust or corrode and are designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions. A sunshade, canopy, or awning from Vestis Systems is the perfect choice to provide extra curb appeal to your prefabricated concrete building.

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