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Modern building canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

Modern Design 

A modern designed building canopy can enhance any commercial building like restaurants, retail stores, apartments, and offices. Our sleek aluminum canopy can add much more to a building than just shade. The right aluminum canopy system can add value to a building’s aesthetic profile and design. Architects and building owners are beginning to recognize that the right canopy system will enhance their entrances, outdoor seating areas, and windows. At Vestis Systems, we have worked closely with architects to refine our prefabricated aluminum canopy system to fit seamlessly into any design and architectural vision style.

Our building canopy modern design shows up on-site ready to be installed and only takes a two-person team 2-4 hours to finish the installation. Vestis Systems modern canopy design allows contractors, architects, and business owners to reduce subs on-site, simplify site coordination, and keep your project deadline intact so you can get to occupancy faster. Check out our article on why you should go modular.

“Functional, practical and enhance your commercial building”


We understand the need to add a little flair and function with a building canopy. Don’t let your entranceways be an afterthought, instead enhance your building by adding a commercial canopy. Buildings need canopies to offer people shelter from rain, wind, and sun, but there’s no rule anywhere that says the canopy has to look like it was designed and installed 40 years ago. At Vestis, we are proud of our sleek, modern aluminum canopy systems that fit seamlessly with any architectural style. We have a coating or finish that works in just about any environment. Canopies at entrance ways need to look inviting and attractive and cannot be an afterthought. After all, they will be one of the first things a potential customer sees when approaching your restaurant or shop, so take pride in your building’s canopy system. Customers and tenants notice these things. A canopy system should complement the rest of your building’s aesthetics and enhance the walkways, door entrances, and storefronts.

commercial building canopy

Architectural canopy for commercial building | Image: Vestis Systems


Vestis canopies offer shade and protection with a modern design. They come in an innovative, prefabricated package that is easy to install and has been designed to mesh well with the modern, industrial feel in favor of architects and developers across America’s hottest cities and real estate markets. Our aluminum canopies are lightweight and easy to install and can be customized with additional finishes and features to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Our canopies are designed using high-quality aluminum and manufactured here in America. We have incorporated many unique and innovative features into our canopies, including VestiHeat and Vesti Mist that can keep customers warm or cool in outdoor seating environments depending on your climate, L.E.D lighting, custom signage, security cameras, and rotating louvers that can be adjusted depending on the angle of the sun. Our aluminum canopy is much more than a glorified sunshade, and it can be functional, practical and enhance your commercial building.

commercial canopy with l.e.d. lighting

Commercial building with architectural canopy and L.E.D. lighting. | Image: Vestis Systems

Vestis vs. the Competition

Sure, we might be biased, but at Vestis, we would put our aluminum canopies up any of our competitors and feel confident that we offer the best solutions possible to meet our clients’ needs. We have developed strong relationships with architects, contractors, construction companies, and franchises. We work with some of the biggest brands in the U.S. on a national and local level. 

Our aluminum canopy systems are pre-fabricated to maximize ease of manufacturing, order fulfillment, and installation. Vestis canopies are light and can be installed by a two-person team in as little as four hours. There is no field assembly required, and our canopies stand the test of time, even in the harshest environments and climates. 

Count on Vestis Systems to turn your aluminum canopy order around quickly and have it shipped and ready to install in the blink of an eye. We also take this same approach to custom canopy design and will work tirelessly to meet your needs. Contact our team today to see how we can apply our unique approach to canopy design for your next big project.

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