Best Awnings For Restaurants

How Do I Know What Awnings Are Best For Restaurants?

What Is An Awning?

Restaurant Awnings  | Image: Vestis Systems

Best Awnings For Restaurants

Awnings are often the first impressions for many customers coming to enjoy a great meal at a restaurant. For some restaurants, awnings even become iconic, like KFC’s white and red striped fabric awnings. Awnings have several benefits and can bring a ton of overall value to any restaurant’s business. This is why you should trust Vestis Systems to provide the best restaurant awnings, canopies, and sunshades for all types of restaurants. Vestis has worked with a wide range of restaurants to provide awnings that bring value to their business. We’ve worked with some of the most prominent franchise restaurants in the world and also worked with single-location family-operated restaurants. No job is too big or too small for our awnings.

Benefits of Awnings For Restaurants

Awnings and other exterior shading products are a great investment for restaurants and have some major benefits. Let’s go over some of the benefits that awnings can provide for restaurants. 

1.) Shading

  • Patio and Outside Sitting Space

    Now more than ever, outside sitting spaces for restaurants have been a lifeline. Awnings allow customers to sit outside and enjoy the weather comfortably.

  • Energy Costs

    Awnings can save restaurants hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month on heating and cooling costs by shading doorways and windows. 

  • Building Codes

    As cities and states push for more sustainable buildings, restaurants will have to adapt to new building codes. Awnings can help restaurants become more sustainable and help pass building inspections and regulations.

2.) Protection

  • Covered Entrances For Guests

    Want some brand recognition and your guests to be protected from the weather when entering your restaurants from the door? Awnings are the perfect solution. 

  • Harsh Weather

    Protect your building and your guests from the harsh weather. Nobody enjoys getting caught in bad weather. Show your customers some support by providing safe walkways into your restaurant.

3.) Appearance

  • Improved Building Appearance With Curbside Appeal

    Want to bring new customers to your restaurant by providing a welcoming exterior? Well, Awnings are a great way to appeal to passing traffic and show how excellent your restaurant is.

  • Brand Recognition 

    Build your restaurant’s recognition with custom awnings that accurately represent your restaurant.

concrete building with louvered sunshades

Domino’s Store Restaurant With Vestis Awnings | Image: Vestis Systems

What Are The Best Awnings For My Restaurant?

Now that you understand the main benefits of awnings. It’s now time to determine what Awnings are best for your restaurant. Awnings is a loose term and can mean several different exterior shading products. In our case, Vesits makes aluminum canopies, Louvered Sunshades, and Fabric Awnings. People loosely call any external shading product an “Awning,” but that could mean several different shading products they are referring to. Our exterior shading products all serve other purposes, so it’s important to understand what type of exterior shading product fits your needs.

Types of Awnings

Fabric Awnings For Restaurants


The most typical Awning found in restaurants is the traditional fabric awning. These are generally what most people are familiar with and referring to when they say “Awning.” Fabric awnings are extremely popular because of their lower price point and custom colors. The downside is that they are fabric, so they show wear and tear quicker than an aluminum canopy.

General Use

Fabric Awnings are generally used for front door walkways and side-window coverage.

Restaurant Examples

Franchise Restaurant Awnings. | Image: Vestis Systems

Canopies For Restaurants


Canopies have gained major popularity in the last decade because of their modern aesthetics and durability. Vestis Systems canopies never rust, are extremely weatherproof, have custom options like logos and interior lighting.  Sometimes people will call canopies “metal awnings” when they are actually referencing aluminum canopies. The benefits of aluminum canopies generally outweigh the fabric awnings for restaurants, most modern-day remodels or new construction restaurants choose aluminum canopies for their exterior shading products.

General Use

Aluminum Canopies are very versatile. They can be used for the front door and entryway cover, side window coverage, patio, and outdoor dining. Vestis also has additional add-ons like security cameras, custom branding, and interior LED lighting.

Restaurant Examples

Aluminum Canopy Also Known As Metal Awnings For Restaurants. | Image: Vestis Systems

Sunshades For Restaurants


Sunshades are the most unique and have become very popular over the last few years. Louvered Sunshades provide shading in the summer months and sunlight in the winter months. How do they do that you ask? Well, they have louvers that are at exactly the right angle to follow the solar altitude. So unlike awnings or canopies that permanently provide shade, louvered sunshades provide shading when needed and sunlight when wanted. This helps with heating and cooling costs for any restaurant and depending on your local city and state codes, sunshades might be the way to go.

General Use

Any restaurant windows that need shading in the summer months and sunlight in the winter months. City or State codes that are wanting sustainability or eco-friendly energy.

Restaurant Examples

Louvered Sunshades For Restaurants | Image: Vestis Systems

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