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Vestis Systems has been a leader in the American architectural products sector since its founding in 1883. Our company produces American superior modular architectural products that can simply be installed in the field. Vestis has become a trusted supplier for commercial developers all over the country, thanks to our commitment to excellence and dedication to designing an aluminum canopy system that is easy to install and incredibly durable.

What is an aluminum canopy system?

Vestis Systems designs and manufactures easy-to-install aluminum canopy systems at our Spokane, WA headquarters. All parts and materials are sourced and shipped here in the United States. Our canopy systems and modular architectural shade products are ideal for providing shade from the sun or shelter from the rain at main entranceways for restaurants, commercial buildings, apartments, and other storefronts. Vestis aluminum canopy systems are prefabricated and shipped to you, ready to be installed on any commercial building. They don’t require any field assembly and can be installed by a two-person team.

aluminum canopy system

Aluminum canopy system| Image: Vestis Systems

“Our Team Can Work With You To Get You The Canopy System You Need”

Types of Canopy Systems

At Vestis, we have pre-designed several types of aluminum canopy systems. We have options available for commercial projects and offer our customers the opportunity to custom design their canopy system to fit exact specifications. Our team can work with you to get you the canopy system you need with your unique specifications and a turnaround time that beats our competitors.

Vestis’s pre-designed canopy systems are available in dimensions ranging from four to twelve feet. They can be manufactured with a C-channel or flat face depending on your architectural needs. Using a pre-designed system allows us to fulfill orders with our lean manufacturing team quickly and have our system on-site and ready to install without the long lead times required for typical custom designs. Clients choose from our setlist of specs, features, finishes, and we will begin assembling the canopy system immediately. A pre-designed canopy from Vestis Systems will fit seamlessly with most architectural building systems and be installed by a two-person team in only a few hours. Our pre-designed aluminum canopy systems are similar to other prefabricated architectural canopies, but what sets our canopy systems apart is no field assembly required, simple installation, and quick turnaround times.

aluminum canopy system

Architectural canopy for commercial building | Image: Vestis Systems

The team of designers at Vestis also welcomes the opportunity to work with general contractors and architects on more complex canopy systems. We offer the option to custom design an aluminum canopy system to fit your exact needs. A custom commercial canopy system from Vestis can be used to provide shelter over a larger outdoor seating area or walkway. Our team focuses on designing and manufacturing the highest quality aluminum frames on the market. Vestis offers custom colors that can be applied to any architectural system. We have several new canopy features that can add even more value and function to your canopy system.

Vestis Systems only uses aluminum because we are confident they will help our clients unlock the most long-term value for their project. Aluminum canopies have many benefits compared to steel canopies, including overall price, installation, maintenance, and curb appeal. The raw materials for an aluminum canopy are more expensive than a steel system, but the long term costs to maintain the steel system are much higher. Aluminum systems do not rust and will not need to be painted on-site or re-painted after they begin rusting. As aluminum systems are much lighter, they can be pre-fabricated and shipped ready to install immediately. It only takes two workers to lift and mount one of Vestis System’s aluminum canopy systems instead of four or more workers and a crane to install a steel system. Aluminum systems cannot rust and are durable when exposed to the elements. Their powder coat finishes are resilient and hold up well to wind, rain, and sun without fading.

commercial aluminum louvered sunshade

Commercial building with architectural canopy. | Image: Vestis Systems

Vestis vs. the Competition

Sure, we might be biased, but at Vestis, we would put our aluminum canopies up any of our competitors and feel confident that we offer the best solutions possible to meet our clients’ needs. We have developed strong relationships with architects, contractors, construction companies, and franchises. We work with some of the biggest brands in the U.S. on a national and local level. 

Our aluminum canopy systems are pre-fabricated to maximize ease of manufacturing, order fulfillment, and installation. Vestis canopies are light and can be installed by a two-person team in as little as four hours. There is no field assembly required, and our canopies stand the test of time, even in the harshest environments and climates. 

Count on Vestis Systems to turn your aluminum canopy order around quickly and have it shipped and ready to install in the blink of an eye. We also take this same approach to custom canopy design and will work tirelessly to meet your needs. Contact our team today to see how we can apply our unique approach to canopy design for your next big project.

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