5 reasons why modular pre-designed canopy systems are more efficient in the field than traditional architectural canopies in 2021

Lower Price Point

Save Time On Project

architectural aluminum canopy

A modular pre-designed aluminum canopy| Image: Vestis Systems

We get it; everybody trusts what they know and understand, especially when it comes to the architecture and construction industries. We have been in business since 1883, so we know a thing or two about “trusting what you understand.”

We have been building architectural canopies for a very long time. The process is relatively simple; we get the project specs. We design our aluminum canopies accordingly, lean manufacture for the highest quality, and ship out ready to be installed on-site. This is an excellent option for many of our architects and general contractors who need custom specs and colors. We noticed many of these projects, designs, and orders are very similar in color, lengths, tops, and fascias.


So we thought, in a rapidly changing world where everybody needs everything faster and on tighter project deadlines, why don’t we take these similarities in custom architectural canopy orders we see weekly and apply them to a pre-designed aluminum canopy that has all the benefits of our custom aluminum canopies, like American quality you can trust and our simple installation.

With our pre-designed canopy, you get a lower price point, faster turnaround times, reduce hours on-site, simplified site coordination, and you can get your project to occupancy quicker; let’s dive deeper into the 5 reasons:

lean manufactured pre-designed aluminum canopy

Lean manufactured pre-designed aluminum canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

1.) Lower Price Point

We utilize our lean manufacturing methods to develop and design several prefabricated canopy systems manufactured in advance, allowing us to reduce overhead costs and pass the savings along to you. 

2.) Faster Turnaround Times

Since our pre-designed canopies are lean manufactured in advance, you don’t have to wait for the traditional custom build-times. Instead, you pick from our set of specs and features, and then we ship if the right to your site; no more waiting for custom architectural canopies.

3.) Reduce Hours On-site

Maybe the most significant benefit of our pre-designed canopies is the reduced hours on-site. With the combination of aluminum and a modular canopy design, you get a pre-designed aluminum canopy that can be simply installed with only two people! No need for a crane or a four-person team that takes countless hours to install. With our prefabricated aluminum canopy system, you get a streamlined ordering process, quick turnaround times, and simple installation, all of this combined reduces your hours on-site. 

lean manufactured pre-designed aluminum canopy

Pre-designed aluminum canopies come ready to be simply installed. | Image: Vestis Systems

4.) Simplified Site Coordination

With our pre-designed aluminum canopy simple installation process, you don’t have to have controlled chaos that leads to longer installation times and over-budget costs; instead, you get to simplify your on-site coordination because of the reduced labor and installation time.

5.) Get Your Project To Occupancy Quicker

We have been in business for 137 years, and we understand it’s all about getting your project finished and occupied. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting on architectural canopy installations; this is one of the main reasons we took a modular approach to our pre-engineered canopies; you get all of the benefits of traditional aluminum canopies but redesigned to save you time and money. 

With all of the significant benefits you get with a modular prefabricated commercial canopy, it’s hard not to consider making your next project a modular one seriously. No doubt in our mind there’s still a time and place to use custom architectural canopies. Even with the arrival of a viable modular option and the need for projects to speed up deadlines, we should see the architect and construction industries shift over to a new innovative project like pre-designed aluminum canopies.

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