Schweitzer Haven Housing Architectural Canopies and Sunshades

SoDo Commons Apartments

We worked with Catholic Charities on the Schweitzer Haven Housing new construction project. We used our pre-designed canopies on the south-facing side and louvered sunshades on the west-facing wall.

multi-family building aluminum canopies and sunshades

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pre-designed architectural canopy
prefabricated architectural canopy
pre-designed architectural canopy

Architectural Product Details | Aluminum Canopy

We worked with general contractors Inland Group Construction providing them with exterior aluminum canopies and louvered sunshades. The aluminum canopies are pre-designed with a c-channel face and extended tie-rod mount. These provide maximum cover and protection with superior durability and snowloads. The louvered sunshades are on the west-facing wall to provide sustainable heating and cooling by shading the windows during cooling months and allowing sunlight through during the heating months.

  • Mounting-Square Knife Plate With Extended Hanger Rod. 
  • Fascia- C-channel
  • Deck- Flate

  • Canopy Color- Black

Commercial Project Details

The Catholic Charities Father Bach “Schweitzer Haven” is the fifth apartment structure in the Father Bach development. The building is four stories tall and 36,200 sqft. It has 51 living units with around half being multi-bedroom apartments and the other half being single bedroom units. This project is to help serve Spokane, Washington’s chronic homeless population. Jonathan Mallahan, vice president of housing for Catholic Charities Spokane, which owns the Father Bach developments said “Our intent is to build housing for the most in need until we can solve that problem.”