Renovating SoDo Apartments Architectural Aluminum Canopies

SoDo Commons Apartments

We helped renovate the SoDo Commons Apartments by installing our exterior architectural aluminum canopies with our new custom signage feature. The newly remodeled SoDo Apartment complex was formerly the Danmor Apartment building, the building is considered historic and is 110 years old. Our architectural aluminum canopies provided a new modern exterior look that matches the building renovated contemporary style. 

Sodo apartments architectural aluminum canopyapartment complex canopy

Project Gallery

pre-designed architectural canopy
prefabricated architectural canopy
pre-designed architectural canopy

Architectural Product Details | Aluminum Canopy

We worked with RenCorp Realty LLC to provide  aluminum canopies that provide an exterior modern finish, superior commercial durability, and can be simply installed on the apartment building within 4-6 hours by a two-person crew. Our commercial canopies are budget-friendly making them an ideal fit for any apartment building renovations or commercial renovations.

  • Mounting-Square Knife Plate With Hanger Rod Brick Building Mount
  • Fascia- Flat-Faced With Signage Feature

  • Deck- Flate

  • Canopy Color- Black

Commercial Project Details

The Sodo Commons Apartment complex has been newly renovated for 32 Micro-Apartments. The total building square footage is 16,000 with each unit being about 400sqft. The new renovation also includes a modern interior space that features new cabinetry, flooring, countertops, and exposed brick. Common amenities include a workout facility and an outdoor patio. The exterior of the commercial building was also renovated with new cherry red and black commercial paint. Our exterior canopy adds the finishing touch with a modern signage finish that says “SoDo Commons” as well as the address, our building canopies can be both aesthetic and functional.